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For over 30 years our Law Firm has been serving the North Peace River Region providing legal advice on wills and estate planning –  to protect the interests of your families and their loved ones, both in the short term and the distant future – in the event of death or legal incapacity. When you or a loved one passes on, we assist the Executor or Administrator with moving the assets in the estate to the beneficiaries or next generation.  We also work together with your tax accountant to reduce your exposure to capital gains or income taxes, through the creation of inter vivos and testamentary trusts.  We also provide legal advice and guidance on issues involving the care of minor children, special needs children and how to make sure the right charity receives the right amount of a bequeath or endowment you may wish to leave. We are here to help provide your legal needs on the following areas:

  • Estate planning
  • Probate and income tax issues
  • Preparing and probating wills
  • Creating family and other trusts
  • Obtaining the appointment of a committee
  • Preparing powers of attorney
  • Preparing complex and simple representation agreements
  • Planning and advice for intestacies

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August 18, 2015